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Cyberia Festival explores and celebrates the potential of new media technologies. The festival explores utopic futures through the lens of play. 


We have moved from the notion of man vs machine to man integrated with the machine. Technological systems are connecting humans, data, and realities together. Through interdisciplinary approaches, Cyberia triggers experimentation and the creation of experiences to spark collective future dreaming.


Anokhi Shah is an Architect, Curator, Educator, and a New Media Entrepreneur currently based in Pune, India. She completed her Master of Arts with a specialization in Architecture and Aesthetic Practice from Städelschule Architecture Class in Frankfurt, Germany. Her interest lies in exploring space in relation to the arts to infuse the interactive design with original and critical ideas and practices through contemporary digital mediums.


She is the founder of IOVR Space -an Interdisciplinary Design Research startup founded on the premise of technological innovation flirting with new media narratives. She is currently researching the use of Game Engine as a medium for Architecture Design and Representation.


She is the Curator for the annual New Media Festival: Cyberia at TIFA Working Studios.


TIFA Working Studios is a multi-disciplinary platform for Creativity and Culture in Pune. We are a not for profit, inclusive community space for local involvement and global exchange, facilitating critical dialogue, cultural engagement, and experimental practice relevant to our evolving city.

TIFA Working Studios was started in 2014 as an institute for arts and cultural programs, which grew into a residency and co-working space for artists, academicians, and creators.

Over the years, we have worked towards curating experiences for local audiences while building a larger community.

TIFA is a constantly evolving space to share, build, theorize, create, ideate and grow.

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