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substance_D is an experimental artist exploring electro-acoustic improvisation, data manipulation, algorithmic compositions, and sensor-based music. He likes to indulge in wood, electronics, metal, mud and anything that has structural binding and makes strange objects. His footprint is largely anonymous and emerges out periodically. He catalogs tribal dance, folk tales, acoustic information and conducts informal learning sessions in the Himalayan villages with the school kids on under- standing sound and computer codes. He has been an integral part of the Algorave sub culture in India.


About Cyberia

Abhinay Khoparzi is a multidisciplinary creative technologist who maintains a practice across film, video, music and web technologies. In the past year, Khoparzi has performed live coded music and visuals with TidalCycles and Hydra at Fat Finger Mayhem (Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai, 2018 and 2019), Algorave Sheffield (UK, 2018), International Conference of Live Coding (Madrid, 2019), and Algorave Bangalore(2019). He now organizes/conducts live coding workshops in collaboration with various maker spaces and artists collectives across India and has been pushing the Algorave scene in the country.


Joshua Thomas is a singer-songwriter-producer who live-codes electronic music under the stage name ‘tig3rbabu’. A supporter of the Algorave movement, he promotes the use of the free coding synthesizer Sonic-Pi and conducts Sonic-Pi workshops and tutorials. By day, he produces, edits and soundtracks podcasts for the Indian Express.



RISHIRAJ KULKARNI | Sound Performance

Rishiraj Kulkarni is a multi-percussionist, graduated with Honours in Music from Middlesex University, London (U.K.) and also holds a Diploma in Music from KM Music Conservatory, Chennai (founded by A.R. Rahman) specializing in Indian Classical music, western classical music, and audio technology. His major instrument is the tabla, which he has been playing for the last 15 years, he also plays the handpan, hang drum, Maschine (hardware/software DAW), marimba, xylophone, and vibraphone to name a few. Over the years he has collaborated with artists from various art forms such as Christian-Pierre La Marca (French cellist), Maya Youssef (Syrian kanun player), Laura Herman (British illustrator), Megha Thumbunkel (Painter), Hofesh Shechter theatre company (Lon- don, U.K.), 100ft Road (Experimental music ensemble of KM Music Conservatory) and Club Inégales (London U.K.).

CAI | Projection Mapping

Cai is a generative artist, who has been creating visuals through music and gestures. He has worked with different musicians from various genres ranging from Jazz, Dubstep, Rock, Drone, and Low frequency. These are some of his major installations/performances - Spilt Milk (performance), Ongaku (performance), Filament (performance), Softness (installation), Drone Day (installation), Squish (installation), and Sonic Psych (performances). Coming from a filmmaking background his installations have stories in them. Through his work, he has helped to bridge the gap

between performing artists and technology. As an artist, Cai aspires to be a ‘Poetical Scientist’, a term coined by Ida Lovelace. She defined it as ‘Creators who can flourish where art intersects technology with a rebellious sense of wonder. That opens them to the wonders of Both.’



HILLFISH is an audio visual collaboration between @HillOfNon and @Riafish that brings together live sound and visuals to create a sensorial experience.


Ria Rajan is a visual artist and designer currently based in Pune. With light and colour as primary subjects of enquiry and experimentation, her ideas take form through various materials and develop in response to her physical surroundings. She is interested in the intangible, ephemeral, and transient experiences of spaces and objects, both natural and constructed.


Abhih Singh is an author and music artist currently based in Pune. His sound is a mix of synth and live guitar processed through effects pedals to create ambient soundscapes. He performs under the artist name Hill Of Non.

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